FULL: Greywater Design and Installation Workshop (Oakland)

Date range: 
February 16, 2014 - 10:00am to 12:30pm

This workshop is full. You can fill out the registration form and will be placed on the waiting list. 

Save water with greywater. Reusing water from your washing machine is an easy, legal, and affordable way to reduce landscape irrigation needs. A "laundry to landscape" greywater system does not require a permit (if basic guidelines are followed) and can be installed by a handy-person in a day. 

Learn how to design and construct laundry to landscape greywater system in this hands-on design workshop. This workshop will take you through the design process, introduce you to all the materials needed, and teach you how to put them together. You'll construct a mock-up system as well as plan out your own home system.  Note: You must have a flat or downwards sloping yard to irrigate with this type of system. 

By the end of the class you'll have a materials list and a system design to irrigate a portion of your landscape from your washing machine greywater. 

In addition, you'll tour a gravity, branched drain greywater system installed near-by. 

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Cost: Sliding scale $15 to $40, limited work-trade available. 

Bring: Photographs of your laundry room and landscape.